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Enterprise Culture
Tangshan Jinghua Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.

Directions and goals for corporate management and culture construction:
Harmony, stability, publicity, fairness, equality, sureness, dignity, happiness.

Corporate philosophy:
Advancing with the times, striving for realism earnestly, solidarity and cooperation, working happily

Corporate spirits:
Attach importance to subjectivity in front of objectivity, search for methods in the face of difficulty and attach importance to dedication in the face of hardships.

Corporate mission:
to provide superior, reliable and environment-friendly welded steel tubes for society, improve human environment, promote industrial development and create balanced value for all the stakeholders.

The shaping of a brand is a process of continuous accumulation and penetration. It takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to bring up a generation of good men. Just like the shape of personality, the brand shaping can’t be achieved overnight. Without painstaking efforts throughout years, “Hua Qi” brand wouldn’t have won such good reputation in both domestic and foreign markets. And it is the unshakeable objective for the whole Jin hua people to build “Hua Qi” into an international brand with far-reaching influence on the basis of that.

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