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After-sale Service
Tangshan Jinghua Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.
  Tangshan Jinghua Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.

1.strict implementation of technical standards specified in the contract, careful selection of raw materials used in all of the original feed along with quality certificate, timely re-examination into the plant after the quality of products offered in the end.

2. in strict accordance with the various requirements of your company "contract clause" in the prescribed obligations due the seller.

3. strict and timely delivery of goods in accordance with the provisions of the contract period.

4. according to the project requirements, our company can send an experienced business people to participate in the contract to install the equipment, the height guidance, testing, commissioning and other technical assistance, and is responsible for the quality and performance of the contract to resolve equipment installation and commissioning, trial run found related issues.

5. product processing, your side ready to send personnel to supervise our product manufacturing processes running, we will fully support.

6. Service Tel: 0315-3371222 Fax: 0315-3371709

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