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Ten years together brotherhood hundred articles to visit scenic spots
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In April 5th, Tangshan Jinghua to organize our old employees into work for more than ten years, to Qianxi Jing Zhong Shan Scenic sightseeing.
Seven forty, facing the morning sun, with a warm spring breeze, two trucks loaded with hundreds of old employee tourist bus departure from the company, nine fifteen destination -- Qianxi County Jing Zhong shan.
Zhong Shan King company, distance of about 95 kilometers, about 1.5 hours by car. In April King Zhong Shan is Spring is in the air., pine needles and spit verdancy, fine willow Zhaxian yellow. In the lap of the peach blossom is colourful, the breeze blowing, with a faint fragrance.
Climbing activities started. A mountain path along the cliff, so the climbers excited. Along the way, pear, peach and white Yan, Li Huanong, a lively scene of spring. And pick up order, gradually into the mountains. Don't see the temple, but from the Torah's voice in the ear, in the silence brings a feeling of emptiness, make people feel far away from the city hustle and bustle of the dripping wet. The other end of the path along the cliff is a steep stone steps, you just relax mood once again tense. Just still smile, now all serious, everyone concerned about their own feet, for fear that the slightest mistake. Soothing stone steps also relieve the person's mood, tired, you can sit in the kiosk as fresh breeze to sweat, overlooking the mountains, rolling in the mist. Suddenly, the bell to muddy flood from above, has been to the top of the mountain. Close to the top of the mountain, the temple of the God of wealth, the fox holes, Huang Xiandong, know check hole make you see, "not being earlier and early man," the old and make people to speed up the pace of. All done in one vigorous effort climb to the top of the hill, overlooking the foot, fruit trees blossom valley of the thick, white as a piece of red, we enjoy the beautiful natural scenery at the same time, also do not forget to take a picture.
At noon we have lunch, old employees while drinking, telling the journey in ten years, Masonic rain work friendship, while toasting to a more brilliant and splendid future of Jinghua...... The wine does not intoxicate, with a move, with thanksgiving, with deep feeling, everyone tuibeihuanzhan.
One thirty in the afternoon, the sun is still warm, ended after lunch drove return, after a day of outdoor picnic. Now, Tangshan Jinghua history of thirteen years, the development momentum of inspiring. Review the past, a lot of the old staff and company development mind phase, with a common fate, in various positions when the model, to make the model, has now become the various positions on the field of experts.
The spring outing, old employees not only appreciate the beautiful scenery, relax the body and mind, ease the work pressure, at the same time, the incentive of energy, we have said in the future work to be more full of enthusiasm into work, contribute to the vigorous development of the company. (Tang Shanjinghua Bu Xianyi Zhang Kexin)

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