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Tangshan Jinghua party members to Li Dazhao Memorial Museum Learning
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In July 1st, the 93 anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China, Tangshan JINGWAH Party branch organization of Party members to the Li Dazhao Memorial Hall in Leting and the former residence of Li Dazhao to visit and study. At eight o'clock in the morning, the company 13 party members from the living area based on time, 1 hours and 20 minutes drive to the Tangshan City county is located in the Leting Li Dazhao Memorial hall.
We all cherish esteeming mood began to visit. The exhibition hall is divided into 3 exhibition halls, show glorious achievement of Li Dazhao martyrs life, Comrades seriously study tour, with the explanation of the announcer from time to time to do the record. Comrade Li Dazhao is the founder of the Communist Party of China, sacrificed their precious lives for the liberation of the Chinese people. To cherish the memory of the martyrs at the same time, prompted us to those living in time of peace of the Communist Party of China further study, inherit and carry forward the revolutionary spirit of the martyrs, and make greater contribution to the cause of the party.
During our visit, the most let us not forget is: "iron shoulder carries moral, skilled artist article" ten words, this short sentences more comprehensive interpretation of the Dazhao spirit, and his great thoughts and iron will. Comrade Li Dazhao in order to save the nation from peril and sacrificed their lives, their life made an immortal monument. It is these men and women with high ideals in former days the shed blood, have our happy life today.
At the end of the tour, all Party comrades together to exchange, everyone to actively explore, to speak, have said that through this visit and study, so that we once again review the party constitution, the consolidation of the party spirit training, learning the revolutionary spirit of the martyrs. As an employee, due diligence in their job duties, give full play to the exemplary a communist in the lead role, maintain a communist advanced sex forever, the Dazhao spirit into practice in the work, for the Tangshan JINGWAH a better tomorrow contribution strength. (office Li Shimiao)

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