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The analysis of the June 5, 2013 Tangshan market pipe prices
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In recent years, China welded pipe production equipment and technology level has been further improved. At present, China's annual output accounts for more than 50% of the production of welded pipe unit are the international advanced level, Foshan all FID welding pipe mill company R & D has even reached the international advanced level.
With the equipment and technology to enhance the level of China welded pipe, product quality has been basically meet the domestic demand. Although faced with overcapacity further intensified, the industry concentration is not high, industrial layout unreasonable and so on. But in China welded pipe industry listing Corporation situation, they are still in a state of profit, some enterprises or even a shortage.
"Our country" 1025 "planning outline" in put forward clearly, will be the construction of the China Kazakhstan crude oil pipeline, China and Myanmar oil pipeline stage two within the territory of China Central Asia natural gas pipeline section, two period, and the west east gas transmission line three, line four and other main project, and the construction of supporting regional and city network, industrial layout unreasonable situation will be improved. To 2015, oil and gas pipeline total length will exceed 150000 km, a growth of 90% in 2010, which means that the future of the new pipeline will be equivalent to the sum of the past fifty years, the annual compound growth rate of at least 14%, provides opportunities for oil and gas pipeline company.
The foreseeable future, the pipe industry, is still full of challenges and opportunities, still have a broad space for development.
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