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Straight welded pipe
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Product introduction:

Welded steel pipe: also called pipe, is made of steel sheet or strip after bending, then welded. According to the weld form is divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe. According to purpose and general welded pipe, galvanized pipe, oxygen blowing pipe, wire, pipe, casing metric roller tube, deep well pump pipe, tube for automobile, transformer tube, welded thin-wall pipe, welding shaped tube and spiral welded pipe.

Common welded pipe welded pipe used for conveying the low-pressure fluid: general. Made of Q195A, Q215A, Q235A steel. Can also be used in other mild steel for easy welding manufacturing. Pipe to conduct water pressure, bending, flattening experiment, there are certain requirements on the surface quality, usually delivery length is 4-10m, often require fixed length (or double length) delivery. Pipe specifications expressed in nominal diameter (mm or inches) nominal diameter different from the actual pipe wall thickness, according to the provisions of general steel and thicker steel two, steel pipe in pipe end forms are different threaded and non threaded two, table 6-17 for welded steel pipe size.

Straight seam welded pipe is a general term for steel, mode of production, equipment of straight welded pipe welding are called longitudinal welded pipe in high frequency. (because the pipe welding position into a straight line and hence the name). According to different purposes, and different post production process. (can be roughly divided into the scaffold tube, fluid pipe, wire casing, bracket tube, guardrail tube and so on several)

While a low pressure fluid pipe is a straight seam welded pipe, the general water, gas transport, in after welding to a more than ordinary pipe hydraulic test, in general than the ordinary straight welded pipe price a little higher and therefore the low-pressure fluid pipe (according to the current market price, probably more than 80 yuan)

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